Have You Been Forced to Close Down Your Retail or Wholesale Business Due to Covid-19?

Please read this entire message right away to get your business re-opened

Don't miss this chance to get your business back up and open making you money despite the crisis we all find ourselves in.

We understand! Suddenly and without any warning we've found ourselves in quarantine, forced to stay at home, social distancing, the financial markets in flux, empty streets and millions of businesses forced to close until further notice. So many businesses are badly suffering! 

If you're a small to medium sized business that is open to the public you're only used to selling offline. You usually get traffic come to you and you open your doors for business.

This is a scary time, with so many businesses not able to stay afloat and you may be fearing going bankrupt.

Nobody can say how long the Coronavirus will affect you or your health, but what about your livelihood? When will you be allowed to open the doors again and let your business resume?

Quite simply, you can't wait endlessly for your business to open.

And the sad fact is, even when our doors open again, it won't be "back to normal" for a long time. You'll probably have to limit how many people can enter your retail business so as not to have a 2nd wave of the virus hit everyone.

What if I told you the solution to your problem is right here? Would you believe me? Probably not! You're probably thinking you can't compete with the big-box stores that have all their inventory online already and, even if you could, you probably have no idea how to make that happen anyway, right?

Let us introduce you to the easiest store creator you will ever find. You will be back in business in no time at all!

Before you start thinking it can't be done, let us reassure you that it's easy to set up with little technical knowledge needed, and most importantly, it's speedy.

I truly believe we are at a unique time where anyone can now quickly re-establish themselves and their business in order to start earning an income again.

Listen to what some of our happy retailers are saying...

Jessie Sims, California

Just wanted to write and let you know how happy we are to have found this software. We had everything set up in just over a day and started selling to our customers again without any problems. We simply ship online orders now.

Austin Bowers, Michigan

I didn't quite believe this would work for us, but so glad we invested in your software. We didn't know how we would survive the Covid-19 shutdown otherwise.

The Small Cake Co.

Thanks to this software, our customers are now ordering online, and we are  delivering our baked goods. We have been able to keep our regular customers without an issue.

With Instant Store Creator you can upload your stock and we will host your store for you.

There are complete online step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow video tutorials. We've made it as easy as possible for you, so you can get started and get selling online quickly.

You're currently in lockdown and can't trade or make money with your high street / offline store. We have no idea when this will end due to the current crisis. I believe this is the answer.


'Instant Store Creator'

Investing in This Software Can Save Your Business!

A revolutionary way to transfer your high street ‘local’ business online and into the digital world.

It takes just a few hours to set up and...

after that, YES, you really are ready to start earning again.

We’ve made this really easy for you.

This is so easy to set up, that there’s no need to be a rocket scientist in order to make this work right!

Instant Store Creator will help you setup your new online store with YOUR products.

Yes, at the click of a button your product items will be listed in your new online store.

And there’s more…

Usually this type of software costs hundreds of dollars but, not only that, most online store builders take a percentage of every sale you make - forever! 

Not with Instant Store Creator, once you have invested in the small price of the software, you are only charged your monthly hosting fee, and that's it!

All Your Profit is Yours to Keep!

You Don't Need to Raise Your Prices to Cover any Fees

This system will take you through the process of setting up your store, listing your products, managing your back office, arranging delivery options.

…and it will link to a secure payment system.

There’s no point in just listing your items in your store, so they are also fully searchable by brand, by type or by description.

You have a variety of options for fulfilling your orders - local delivery, no-contact pickup, post or delivery via a carrier of your choice.

So, by now you must be asking yourself, how much does this cost?

You may even by worrying about the cost, especially during these hard times.

This opportunity is yours today at the low price of $197. 

Just a one-time investment to get your business 'back in business' and then a modest monthly hosting fee regardless of how much you sell!

This is a risk-free offer. We are so sure you will find this software amazing that we are giving you a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Simply Click the Link Below to Order

We want this to work out well for you. This is an effective way to re-open your business, now and quickly.

A monthly hosting fee of $19.97 will be charged for as long as you decide to keep your online store. 

You can cancel at any time.

PS Chance are, you will want to keep your online store even after the COVID-19 has passed, because it will be convenient for you and your customers, and even help you acquire customers you would never have had before!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Re-OPEN Your Business NOW

  • easy to set up your online store
  • list your products fast
  • easily manage your back office
  • Simple set up of delivery options
  • Link to secure payment systems
  • Attractive customer interface

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't get your store set up and trading in 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What retail businesses is this for?

How much inventory can be added?

How much is ongoing maintenance?

I have no technical skills, how do I set up?

How easy is it to cancel after the lockdown?

Is there a guarantee?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Re-OPEN Your Business NOW

PS: Remember you’ve got my 30 day no quibble guarantee to try this out and get started TODAY…really what have YOU got to lose?


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